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Japanese M32



Russian Ssh36


   British HSAT MKI
Mk II British airborne helmet also known as HSAT "Helmet Steel Airborne Troops". It is fitted with a early type stitched leather chinstrap and original camouflage net....

   British Airborne MKII
Early Mk II British airborne helmet fitted with MKI leather chinstrap....

   Japanese M30-32 w/cover & net
This is one of the best examples of the standard Japanese helmet of the WW2. The big size shell retains almost all the original brown paint....   

   US M1 w/SC liner
Early US Army fixed bails, front seam M1 helmet. This helmet retains all of the original cork textured dark green paint....

   US M1 w/Hood Rubber liner
U.S Army M1 Helmet front seam, fix bails named to C. E. Ha?tman. In front it's stenciled the soldier's name. The shell has 100% of its original dark green corked paint in good condition. Kahki chinstrap OD #3 with black buckle and hook. The liner is a rare low pressure Hood Rubber....

   US Navy M1 w/Hawley liner

USM1Navy2a.JPG The originally issued olive green paint was at one point overpainted blue and later overpainted again olive green....

   US General's M1
This M1 fixed bails M1 is in absolutely mint condition. As the two stars rank indicate this belonged to a general....

   German Camo M42
This Heer M42 retains about 75% of a sand camo paint over the factory applied feldgrau. This camo color was used mostly in the Mediterranen theatre....

   Polish Wz 31 Luftschutz Reissued
This rare Polish helmet Wz31 was captured by the Germans and later reissued to the Luftschutz (Air Raid Defense)....

   French M39 w/AFM34
The shape of the helmet of the marine model39 is derived from that of Adrian helmet model 26, which has deleted the shortcut and the crest front visor....

   Italian M33 Cavalry
Italian helmet of WW2 in good used condition. This belonged to an officer cavalryman of the "Savoia Cavalleria". The grey-green paint is well preserved, mostly outside....  
   Italian M33 GNR
This untouched steel helmet was found in northern Italy, it belonged to a veteran of WW2 and it is guaranteed to be original 100%.

   Norwegian M31
The Baltic helmet Mod. 1931 is of Swedish design, but manufactured in Norway....