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Portuguese M16

   Experimental Adrian Minimize
This Adrian style helmet, frequently called experimental, has always been a mistery, it's not known its utility, the quantity produced and the exact date of production...


   Austrian Berndorfer Minimize
This was the only steel helmet of exclusive Austrian design produced by Austro-Hungary during WW1....

   German Army Group Gaede Minimize
You have the chance to see displayed here what can be considered the ancestor of the German steel helmet....

   US Experimental N°2 "Deep Salade" Minimize
About 2000  “Deep salade” were produced by Ford Motor Company in 1918. The shell was designed to offer good protection to the wearer. Only one size was created. The weight is 1,1 kg....
   Russian M17

The Russian Sohlberg is an extremely rare helmet. Apart from those utilized postwar by the Finnish civil defense, it is not common at all to come across one of these. ....