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Schlueter Vs McCord





In World War II the production of the M1 helmet began in June 1941 and ceased in September 1945. The total production of  M-1 helmet shells during the war reached 22.000.000. Of these about 20.000.000 were produced by the main contractor McCord Radiator and Manufacturing Company of Detroit. From January 1943 a second manufacturer, the Schlueter Manufacturing Company of St. Louis, began the production of  another 2.000.000 helmet shells.


Schlueter’s shells, far from being a rarity, are however more uncommon than McCords, hence have a higher collectible value. But how can we recognize a Schlueter from a McCord?


The most immediate way is to verify if under the front brim the producer has put his marking. Schlueter helmets are marked with a “S” whilst McCord didn’t put any producer’s mark.

Here below there are three examples: 


PScS3.jpg PScS2.jpg PScS1.jpg


Often though the producer mark is very faint, scratched away or missing in Schlueters as well. Besides it is not always possible to have a hand-on inspection, you simply have to rely on pictures from your monitor. So, what other elements are distinctive for the two manufacturers?


A well trained eye can distinguish the producers from the shape of the shell, the colour and some other minor details. Let’s start from the shape.


On the left a Schlueter, on the right a McCord




Schlueter’s brim is flared and has a flatter look. McCord’s profile is a little more rolling and the brim is slightly steeper. This becomes more evident from a front look:

PScFxBBell.jpg PMCCFBBell.jpg

Left Schlueter; Right McCord


From this perspective perhaps it’s easier to notice….

PScR.jpg PMcr.jpg


Look at the different angle the visor makes in the Schlueter (left) and McCord (right)





Now let’s have a look at the paint and texture:

The colour of the finish and pattern of the cork may differ amongst helmets of the same producer. Generally though Schlueters have a lighter shade of green and the cork is a little more bristly.

Here we have two examples of each: left Schlueter; right McCord   


ScCork1.JPG MCCork1.JPG
ScCork2.JPG MCCork2.JPG


One more detail to take into account: the spot welds.

Look at the following pictures. In general spot welds near the front seam of the rim are more oval on the McCord (on the right).  On the Schlueter they are rounder in shape and more deeply stamped (left).




The same difference can be noticed sometimes in the swivel bales hooks spot welds:


PScSwBB2.jpg PMCSwBB2.jpg


And last but not least in the fixed bales type the hooks themselves are a distinctive element, being more squared in the McCord and with more prominent foots in the Schlueter


PScFB1.jpg PMcfb1.jpg
PScFB2.jpg PMcfb4.jpg


One last thing: because of its slightly different shape, some millimetres slimmer than McCord, it is very common that the liner doesn’t fit perfectly inside the Schlueter shell.


Ok, now let’s make a little quiz to test your acquired ability to distinguish the two producers.


I show below two shells, find which one is the Schlueter and which is the McCord.









Too easy? Well, not always you can count upon clear, and detailed photos. Keep on training.

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